Liability cover

There are two types of Liability Cover offered; Public and Employer`s. Public Liability Insurance:- Every band needs this cover in order to protect it, and its officers, against claims for injury or loss. Most publicly owned halls insist that hirers hold this cover and require evidence of it before allowing access.

What exactly does Public Liability Insurance cover? Put simply, but precisely it indemnifies the band against any claim made against it which is or would be upheld in law. This could include a claim by someone falling over an instrument case left in a dangerous position. It does not cover the band`s contractual liabilities, for example not turning up for an engagement.

BBIS Public Liability Insurance, underwritten by AVIVA also provides "member against member" cover and is offered in two levels, £2 million or £5 million, but higher limits can be obtained if needed.

Employer`s Liability Insurance is a must for any band paying a member for attendance, for example a musical director may be deemed "an employee" if he is under contract to the band and receiving a fee. By law all employees must be protected by Employers Liability Insurance so that if they are injured whilst engaged on their paid activities they can be properly compensated